I'm Laura Rees, a meditation teacher, writer, voice behind Mantras and Mocktails.

If you've ever had any of these wishes:

  • I wish I could just have one glass of wine

  • I wish I didn't feel like such garbage this morning

Or given yourself any conditions like these:

  • I'm just going to drink on the weekends (no worknights!)

  • I'm just going to stick with beer

  • I won't have a drink until after the kids go to bed

Or felt any of these feelings:

  • Frustration: why can't I just drink like a normal person?

  • Shame: I drank too much (again) last night

  • Paralyzing fear: do I really have to stop drinking forever?!?

Then you totally get me.


I used to be trapped in an endless cycle.

I wanted to drink but I didn't want to drink as much as I was.

I wasn’t an alcoholic, but my alcohol consumption wasn’t healthy, either.

I could never quite cut back, but I also couldn’t imagine living without my booze.

And on and on and back and forth.

Until I shifted my mindset.

I started believing that life without drinking was way better than dragging around that ball and chain of wine/beer/whatever. And finally, my actions followed my thinking. I quit drinking for forever.

I can tell you honestly that I've never been happier.

Now, I know that everyone can live a better life, alcohol free, if that's what they choose. EVEN IF THEY'RE NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. Especially if they're not an alcoholic. (Why would you wait until you're that far gone? Seriously.)

But how do you shift your mindset?

By just starting. It’s not easy, but you can do it. And then you can start shifting your mindset around lots of things. Sign up for my newsletter to get help and encouragement along the way.

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