Sober Summer Travels 2018: Columbus, Ohio

Earlier this summer, my marriage turned 20, which is an age that seems rather spritely for a person, yet ancient for a legal relationship.

Photo by  Tim Trad

Photo by Tim Trad

To celebrate this important milestone, and determine whether we still like each other enough to try it out for at least another few years, my husband Dan and I took a long weekend getaway to Columbus, Ohio.*

Let me get right to the good part:

If you're wondering (I was), you can go on vacation and have fun without drinking. This was the first vacation I’ve taken in my adult life without drinking. Which was both a huge deal, and a total non-event.

Here are some of my lovely sober memories (that I totally remember completely clearly):

  • Having tacos outside at Condado downtown while people- watching all the folks walking down High Street.

  • Sitting outside Cafe Brioso at Gay and High and talking for two hours over coffee.

  • Ordering random salami and cheese at the Katzinger’s deli counter while chatting with the young man behind the counter (who I think was maybe high?)

  • Strolling in German Village and coming across this tiny abode:

  • Browsing every room of the Book Loft and eventually buying Shoe Dog (recommend!).

  • Taking a romantic walk along The Scioto Mile and admiring the hilarious deer statue.

Have you ever vacationed to Columbus? I’d 100% recommend it. We keep talking about how we want to go back and take the kids next time. Yes, even jaded teens may potentially possibly like [parts of] Columbus!

*I usually tell people I’m from Columbus, so it’s kind of weird for me to tell you I took a vacation there. Technically, though, we live 40 minutes outside the city, and we certainly never hang out downtown on the weekends.