The trick to having more fun

If you fly Southwest, you’re likely to experience a flight attendant who treats all the overhead announcements like a standup comedy routine.

I’m sitting on a flight right now where this is happening, and our flight attendant is seriously delivering.

He invited us to pretend to pay attention as he explained the safety features of the plane, then directed us to read through the safety information card where we’d find pictures of things not ending so well.

He informed us that since the flight attendants had trust issues, they’d be checking to make sure all our seatbelts were fastened.

“We started from the bottom, now we’re here,” he told us when we reached our flying altitude.

Even though the Southwest culture allows for (and probably encourages) these types of light-hearted displays, you don’t always get them. Which means it’s a choice.

Our flight attendant chose to have fun with his job. He didn’t have to.

Every day, we get the same choice. We can choose to put a little fun into the things we do. Especially the changes we are trying to make.

Take it on as a challenge. Repeat it as a mantra.

I can make this fun.

A few ideas to get you started:

Mentally prepare.

You know full well you can talk yourself into – or out of – anything. So hype yourself up to go ahead and start enjoying things.

Surround yourself with fun lovers.

Hang around with folks who are positive and energetic, and who raise you up.

Stay well-fed and well-rested.

Don’t treat eating and sleeping like they’re optional because you’re so busy. We do not perform at our best when we are hungry and tired.

Just smile.

Even a fake smile has real benefits.

And even though fun is awesome because it’s, you know, fun, it also has its practical uses.

As all of us on the plane were listening carefully to hear the next joke, we heard every word of the safety protocols.


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