Gratitude keeps you from being immune

gratitude bakery

Imagine yourself walking into a bakery. Breathe in the lovely scent of baguettes and buttercream frosting and sugar cut-out cookies. Get a whiff of a tangy lemon curd and the earthy spice of cinnamon roll.

Now sit down at a table here in the charming bakery of your mind’s eye, pull out your laptop, and start checking email.

Or get your iPhone out and scroll through Facebook.

Or flip through Us Weekly and marvel at how the stars are just like us.

Whatever you’re doing, you’ll find that eventually you don’t really notice the bakery odors any more. Spend all day in that seat, and you’ll get so used to them, it will be just like sitting in normal air.

It’s only when you leave the bakery and come back in some time later that you’ll notice—and appreciate—those smells again.

This adorable little scenario is a perfect metaphor for what a gratitude practice does.

Think of those amazing bakery smells as all the great stuff in your life. Because you’re constantly surrounded by them, you start to forget they’re there. It might even get to a point where you become completely numb to them.

Gratitude is when you leave the bakery and come back. You take a deep breath and soak up all the delightful blessings you have. You observe them again, anew.

You are reminded that it smells pretty good around here.

If you haven’t already read it, here are five ways I like to practice gratitude.

I hope you’re having a day that’s easy to be grateful for.


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