Turn tomorrow thinking around


You know when the best time to start something new is, right?



Today, it will be cool to do that thing you want to stop doing, or to not do that thing you want to start, because the official plan starts tomorrow.


I used to use this line of thinking a lot.

It was never that effective for me, because, you know, tomorrow never came.


I realized that since **tomorrow thinking** was already programmed into my little brain, why not use it to my advantage?

What if, instead of putting things off until tomorrow, I could do them today with the promise that I didn’t have to do them tomorrow if I didn't feel like it?

IT TOTALLY WORKS. Because you can do anything for one single day.

Need to cut back on sugar? Don’t eat sugar today.

Need to exercise more? Just do 30 minutes today.

Want to stop judging people, let go of getting angry at folks, or start meditating? Challenge yourself to achieve that goal just for today.

Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Start planning for TODAY. Do it every today, and see what habits shake out as a result.


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