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Get happier with gratitude: 5 ways to start today

It's 6:00AM on what's shaping up to be another glorious summer day in Ohio. The house still rests. The sun is rising. Birds outside are just beginning their morning song. I sit in my daughter's room on the floor, watching her sleep. There's not a trace of the annoyance with me I see more and more often on her 13-year-old face. I can still catch a bit of the baby she was beneath the young lady she is growing into.

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Sober Summer Travels 2018: Northern Michigan

Do you live in an area where they play those Pure Michigan ads voiced by Tim the Tool Man Taylor? They make Michigan sound like two parts garden of Eden, two parts Elysian Fields, and one part your grandma's kitchen where she's serving you fresh-baked cherry cobbler with that flaky crust that no one else on earth can duplicate. 

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