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How I quit drinking

If you’re reading this looking for an easy answer, a silver bullet, a miracle cure, or some sort of epiphany, I’ll tell you up front that I don’t have one.

I am truly sorry about this. Because how to quit drinking is exactly the question I scoured the internet for myself, and wow did I wish there was an easy answer to find.

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Get happier with gratitude: 5 ways to start today

It's 6:00AM on what's shaping up to be another glorious summer day in Ohio. The house still rests. The sun is rising. Birds outside are just beginning their morning song. I sit in my daughter's room on the floor, watching her sleep. There's not a trace of the annoyance with me I see more and more often on her 13-year-old face. I can still catch a bit of the baby she was beneath the young lady she is growing into.

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