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Bonus Walking Meditation

Week 1: Reducing feelings of overwhelm

Day 1 Meditation: Relaxing the body 

Day 2 Meditation: Scanning the body 

Day 3 Meditation: Breathing into the body

Day 4 Meditation: The body as madhya

Day 5 Meditation: Open up

Day 6 Meditation: Fluid body scan

Day 7 Meditation: One with the earth

Week 2: Making a mental shift

Day 8 Meditation: Blue light

Day 9 Meditation: White light

Day 10 Meditation: Trataka

Day 11 Meditation: Gratitude

Day 12 Meditation: Trataka 2

Day 13 Meditation: Loving Kindness

Day 14 Meditation: Confidence

Week 3: Being Present

Day 15 Meditation: 3 part breath I

Day 16 Meditation: 3 part breath II

Day 17 Meditation: 3 part breath III

Day 18 Meditation: Forgiveness

Day 19 Meditation: Confidence

Day 20 Meditation: Peace

Day 21 Meditation: Joy

Day 22 Meditation: Simply Being

Week 4: Families and Fetes

Day 23 Meditation: Gratitude for Loved Ones

Day 24 Meditation: Cultivating Inner Strength

Day 25 Meditation: Letting Go

Day 26 Meditation: Grounding

Day 27 Meditation: Embracing Fear

Day 28 Meditation: What Is and What Will Be