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Last night, I was talking to a friend at Zumba class. She’d asked her sister-in-law to come along with her, but she’d declined. Turns out that the sister-in-law thought she was “too out of shape” to come to the gym.

I laughed, but I also knew exactly what she meant.

I get the same response from people when I tell them I meditate.

“My mind is too busy for that,” they tell me.

I had the same feeling when I wanted to stop drinking. It was harder than I thought it would be. I just wanted to be someone who never wanted to drink again. For a long time, that seemed out of reach to me.  

So instead of working to shift my mindset and habits toward not wanting to drink, I just remained someone who drank.

We all do this.

Instead of heading to the gym to get in shape, we stay home and remain people who are out of shape.

Instead of meditating to practice calming our busy minds, we remain people with busy minds.

But we can’t reach a destination without starting the trip, right? Wherever you are is where you should start. Actually, wherever you are is the only place you can start.

So get started. Remember the old saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Then read the fine print: you can only cover about 2.5 feet with each step, so don’t feel too bad if it takes a minute.


Your mantra for this week is “I’m on my way.” Say it to yourself all the time.


Let’s get started with a walking meditation. You don’t really need tons of space or to even be outside to do this meditation, but you’ll at least need enough room to walk around in a decent sized circle. You can walk around the block or around your dining room table. Just note that I want you to walk pretty slowly, so if you feel weird about that out where people can see you, maybe stay inside. Download the meditation here.


Canada Dry makes a kickass cranberry ginger ale. Try a glass with some fresh peeled ginger grated in.